Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Third Edit!

 Today in Phil’s lesson, Sophie filled me and Jessica in on how far they moved on with the film..We watched the rough cut.. And actually it wasn’t looking that bad.. They had done a good job with it.. But that wasn’t the end of it,, we still had a lot more editing to do!
But before we started on the editing, we uploaded the rough cut onto our Blogs first J

Today we planned to finish editing and start on sound,, but unfortunately the editing took longer than we expected. As usual!
Whilst we were editing our film. Phil and Mary came and watched it.. They both gave us an idea to make it look more real, and help our film look better. This meant changing the sequence and re-arranging the scenes in our film.. We all discussed it and thought about that and realised that would be the best solution!

As editing was taking a VERY long time, we decided to split the tasks between us, me and Jessica decided to continue editing, while Sophie looked for our theme tune! She decided to go on YouTube and search for ‘suspenseful theme tune’ and ‘Crime theme tune’. But once more there was a problem! She clicked on the link to play the sound, but the speakers weren’t working!
Me and Jessica checked that all the plugs were in correctly, before getting help. But we didn’t seem to see any problem! We called Mary over, she couldn’t figure out what the problem was either, so we decide to get Marisa. By the time Marisa fixed it, there was no point because it was time to go home! We realised we lost out on a lot of time, but there was nothing we could do, so we decided to look for the music in Bernard’s lesson!

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