Friday, 18 March 2011

Filming at Hampstead Heath...

Once we had arrived at Hampstead Heath, which was quite easy to find. We now just had to find the perfect part of the park  where we could begin our filming.  We all remembered a part of the park that Bernard had said, he said it would be perfect to film in this area as it had an amazing view. The place was Parliament Hill, I had heard of it but had know idea where it was and my group didn't know where it was either. So we thought the best thing to do was to ask a few people if they could point us in the right direction of where Parliament Hill was situated. Luckily the people in Hampstead Heath were very kind and all gave perfect directions of where it was, the only problem was it was a long walk. Which we didn't enjoy as it was starting to get really cold and we had a lot of equipment to carry, which was heavy. But we had to do it so off we went walking for ages. Until finally we found Parliament Hill, once we seen it we all agreed that it was the perfect place to film, as it was massive, we had a lot of space to film and it  had an amazing view.

Once we had decided where on the hill, we should film it was time to get filming. Oh and we had one more thing to do, me and Jessica had to change into our costumes, luckily my outfit was easy and i could wear my costume over my clothes. Which was a good idea, as it was freezing cold and as I would be laying on the cold muddy footpath I had to be nice and warm so that I would catch a cold. Once I was in my costume, we decided i to look dirty and that I had been laying there for hours, so to achieve this affect i had to roll in mud, which wasn't very nice. But it was for a good cause, making my film look more realistic. Once i had made myself look dirty, there was only one thing left to be done laying down on the floor, covered in fake blood with the sheet over me. so I decided the quicker I lied down, the less time I would have to lay on the cold floor. So off i went laying down on the floor, whilst the rest of my grouip tried to set up the camera, which wasn't going well as we had the same problem we did filming in the lab, the memory cards. We couldn't figure out what memory card to use and whether it would work. In the end they kept trying to find which memory card would work, finally we solved the memory card problem so we could begin filming. By the time they had solved the memory card problem, I was already frozen and we hadn't even filmed anything yet.

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