Wednesday, 16 March 2011

First Edit!

We finally had finished filming all our scenes despite the hic cups we had!
So now came the boring bit.. EDITING!
We got all our clips onto our video drive, and sorted through them..
This was such a drag,, it felt like it was going on forever! And literally it felt like we were repeating over the same clip over and over again!
We realised when combining the lab scenes and the Hampstead Heath scenes that we actually had a lot of clips, well way more then we expected! But that was a good thing; it meant that we had a variety of different camera shots and angles to choose from. J
To make our life easier Phil told us to renames the clips that we wanted, and separate them from the ones that weren’t needed. He also told us that it would save us time in the long run, and would speed up our editing! This was much easier to do, but for some reason we didn’t take his advice and we just done our own thing, yes, I realised that was pretty dumb of us! But i guess we had to do our own thing, to realise were wrong! After all nobodies perfect!
After we finally sorted through the clips we opened up final cut pro, and start putting our clips together. This was the tricky bit, as we didn’t know how we wanted our film to be sequenced.
As we were a bit lost and confused, we decided to watch all the footage so that it would give us an idea of how we want it to flow!
We just started the editing process, and we realised all that fussing about took up a lot of time, and it was the end of the lesson already! We RUN out of TIME!
So we saved our work and had to leave the editing for Bernard’s lesson!
Here Are A Few Pictures:

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