Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final edit..

So today we was ready to make our last and final edit to our thriller film, I am so excited about this finally edit as it gives us one final chance to put all our ideas together to make an amazing film. The first we decided to do was watch our film so we could see what changes needed to be made, there wasn't a lot but we did have to change some things. The first thing we decided to was to sort out all our clips and to get them into an order that we would be happy with and to make sure they flowed. This didn't take very long as we knew how we wanted the film go, we showed Phil and Mary our film with the parts we had edited so far. They said it was good but gave us some advice about what we could change to make it better. This advice included changing the start of our film, instead of having Jessica taking photo's of the body straight away Phil recommend that we put pictures of the dead body as the beginning of our film. After thinking about we agreed with Phil's suggestion and we change the beginning of our movie, we realised that this made our film a lot better and it look more real. Another suggestion that our teachers made was the scene in the laboratory, they said it would be better to show the scene when Jessica is collecting DNA from the dead body first then having her experimenting with chemicals and trying to find out how she died. We also agreed with this suggestion, so we changed how we started the lab scene to make it flow better. After we had finished editing we decided to change the speed of our clips, we decided to make them really fast as we thought this would be better so we increased the clips to 200% original they was 100%. This didn't work very well as we realised the film was starting to get very confusing, due to the fact that we changed the speed of the clips. So we decided to change them back to their original speed but we did change the speed of a few scene, by making them longer rather then shorter.

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