Monday, 14 March 2011


So this week we decided to start filming our thriller inspired film on tuesday and wednesday. We decided to film the lab scene first, as it was only in college and we didnt have to travel anywhere. We also decided to film the lab scene first as we could only get access to the lab on a tuesday and wednesday afternoon, this would make it easier so that in the morning we could go and film in 'Hampstead Heath.'

As me and Rima were the only ones who had lessons that day we all said that we would meet at 3:00pm outside the science labortory. After my film studies lesson finished i went straight to the media room to collect the equoiment we needed which included; camera, tri pod and batterys oh and of course our memory cards. Once i had got all the equipment I went down to the second floor to meet the rest of my group, but only Rima was there we wasnt worrying about the rest of our group coming as they assured me they would be there. Luckily Rima had spoken to Jessica and she said she was only 5 minutes away from the college but unfortunately we couldnt get hold of Amy as her phone was broken, this put us in a right predictment as Amy was was one of the main characters in the film. But as they say in show buisness the show must go on. We continued to wait for another few minutes, but in the end we decided we had to start filming as we wouldnt have access to the lab for long. As Amy didnt turn up we had to change the film a bit, not to much just abit so that it flowed better.

 So once we got into the lab me and Jessica started to tidy it up a bit, just to make it look more like a crime lab whilst Rima went to get the science equipment we would be using. The equipment included test tubes, goggles, white coats and a petrary dish. Once Rima had got the equipment we helped her set it and then we set up the camera and put the memory card in, unfortunately we had a bit of trouble with the memeory card so we  had to try all three memory cards to see which one we could use to film with. After trying for ages we finally got the memory card right, so we could begin filming. This was quite exciting as we was finally bringing our storyboard to life and also scary at the same time as we scared that anything could go wrong at any time.

We finally began filming and after about half an hour we had finished filming the science lab scene, which was a good thing as our time in the science labatory was over. So we quickly packed away all our equipment and took it back to the office. When filming this scene we all made sure that we got enough shots and filmed scenes over and over again from different angles to make sure that we had enough footage when it came to the editing process.

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