Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Choosing our Film Titles

So today in class we had to start choosing the titles for our film. I thought this was going to be an easy process, but let me tell you it was far from easy. We had a lot to think about when it came to choosing our title, we had to think about what titles to include, where should they appear in the film and we also to think about how we should design the titles. Finally after my much deliberation as a group we decided on what titles should appear in our film. Here is a sneak peek of the titles which are going to appear in our film;-
  • Distributor- CANDI Studios
  • Starring- Sophie Hughes & Jessica Rocha
  • Editor- Sarah Bunch
  • Screenplay- Elizabeth Louise
  • Sound- Amy Cooper
  • Costumes and Set Design- Amber Seer
  • Producer- Danielle Smith
  • Director- Rima Begum
As you can see from our titles they are a few names, which don't look recognisably that is because our teacher Bernard said that we should make up names for people. He said that we should make up names, as we was going to repeat the same name over and over again and he said that if we made up names it would make the film more realistic. 

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