Friday, 18 March 2011

Getting to Hampstead Heath..

So after we decided was going to film without Amy we got our equipment and left the college, off we went to Hampstead Heath. We didn't know if we should get the bus, to Highbury and Islington train station but in the end we decided to get the bus as we didnt know how long it would take to get to Hampstead Heath. I mean I knew how to get there and it only takes 4 or 5 stops but we didnt know if there was any problems on the trains. So once we boarded the number 43 bus, it only took about 10 minutes to get to the station. Which was quite good as i expected there to be traffic because it was still quite early and people were travelling to work and college. once we got off the bus we went into the station and me and Jessica had to up our oysters so we decided to use the machine and top up our Oysters by ourselves, we thought this would be quicker but it wasnt. As i have never used the machine its self (I usually go to the shop to top my oyster up) I found it a bit confusing, but luckily Jessica and Rima showed me what to do. After we had topped up our Oysters and found out what platform to go to, we went down the stairs to our platform to wait for the train. Usually the trains come every 7-9 minutes, but of course on the day we decided to get a  train it was saying that the train wouldnt arrive until 10:20am. This wasnt happening i thought to myself, this is only a dream I mean it wouldnt matter if we didnt have to return the camera equipment back until the next day. But unfortunatelly we had to bring the equipment back that very same day and at a certain time 12:15pm to be exact. Luckily our train arrived way before the time which was stated, I dont know why this happened but I didnt mind as we would be right on schedule now.  Once we got on the train, which was quite packed we only had 4 stops to go and then we would be at our destination :), this was exciting as it was a lovely day and not to cold. Once we arrived at Hampstead Heath and went to get off the train, I started to press the button so the doors would open but they wouldn't open. I really started to panic, I thought we was going to be stuck on the train, luckily after a few minutes the doors finally opened.  After we got out of the train station it was off to Hampstead Heath we went.

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