Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Evaluation from our Rough Cut Film...

After me and Amy had successful completed the rough cut for our film. I would say that me and Amy did a really good job when it came to our rough cut, as we had included all the right scenes and made sure are scenes flowed together. But after we had posted the rough cut on to the blog, I had the chance to sit and watch our film over and over again. I decided to watch our film over and over again to see what changes we could make to the film to make our film even better.  Whilst I was watching the film, I was suddenly beginning to see the sort of changes we could make to the film. One the changes I thought we could make would be to change the ending to film, I thought we should change the last scene as to me the end scenes didn’t flow as much as we thought they would.  I decided to wait until our next lesson to make these changes, as I had to wait until I had spoken to my group to see if they agreed with my ideas. Fingers cross that they do agree with my ideas.

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