Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Changing Our Title Sequence!

From the start, we didn’t really discuss title sequence properly, but we all had an idea in our heads about what we were going to do.
We all thought we would do titles over a black background, that’s the idea we were going with!
But then whilst we were editing, Jessica came up with an idea, she said the pictures we took whilst we were filming, we should use them for our title sequence. So basically have still images coming up with the titles. We all liked the idea and thought it would work really well.
When it actually came down to putting the titles in, it was a lot harder than we thought, because we were putting still images in.. The fill wasn’t flowing smoothly.. And it looked odd with it.. So after a lot of thought we decided to get rid of that idea.
We got rid of the white titles over the black background idea, and just decided to put the titles in over the film.. As we didn’t have a lot of time left and we wanted to finish so badly!

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