Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation- Question 1: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

When planning our film we had many inspirations one of our inspirations was 'The Shining.' After we had watched the opening title sequence from 'The Shining' we thought that it would be a good idea to use the same opening for our film.

Opening from 'The Shining'

Opening from our film

As you can see from the two shots they are similar in the sense that both films start on a field or forest of some kind. Even though the shot from our film  looks more realistic as we have the bench and you have the scenery which include the view of house and tree's. Whereas in 'The Shining' opening you have mountains and grass the same as us but you get the feeling that the film is set in a abandoned location where not much happens. This location for 'The Shining' is a good location for a thriller genre because it is deserted and isolated meaning things can happen and people wouldn't know about it for a few weeks. This is because with the location being deserted that means that there wouldn't be many people around this particularly location. When decding what location to use for our own film we decided we wanted it to be mysterious and not to obvious of where our actual location was. The sub genre of our film is a crime thriller.

We also based our film on a popular T.V. programme called CSI- Crime Scene Investigation. From this programme we used the idea to film a scene in a laboratory like someone analysing a piece of crucial evidence, to give the film the feeling of mystery and to make it look so realistic.

Guy from CSI analysing a piece of evidence

         Jessica from our film analysing a piece of evidence

   When it came to us filming the lab scene we wanted to make it al realistic as possible, so that people would really believe that she was actually investigating a real murder. We made it look real by using the exact same things you would use if you was actually investigating a real murder. When it came to figuring out what props we would use to make it look realistic and real we decided to use the same idea as the programme CSI. From this programme we took the idea of Jessica wearing a white coat and white plastic gloves. We also thought we would give her a piece of cruical evidence that she could be anaylising just like the guy from CSI is doing. As you can see from the shot from our film the order of our titles is not conventional this was in actual fact a mistake, but by the time we had realised this mistake it was too late to change it as we had already reached our deadline and wouldnt be able to change it.

Realing the body from our film
picture from Wire in Blood revealing  the body

When it came to our film we was also influenced by the popular British Crime drama 'Wire in the Blood.' From the crime drama 'Wire in the Blood' we used the idea of only showing part of the body instead of showing the whole body. As you can see from the two photo's they are same but are different in their own ways. Like in the photo from our film Jessica is actually revealing the body whilst it is still in lying in the crime scene. Whereas in the picture from 'Wire in the Blood' they reveal the body whilst it is lying in the morgue on a metal slab. We decided to reveal the body whilst it is still lying on the floor and in mud because we thought it would seem more real and that is what happens in a real murder. The body is reveal whilst it is still at the crime scene, this is so that the Investigators can see what and who they are dealing with.

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