Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 8

Looking Back At Your Prelim Task, What Do You Feel You Have Learned In The Progression From It To The Full Product?

Since our prelim film, I think I gained a lot of different skills. One skill I definitely gained was organisation. When it came to film our prelim film, we were not organised at all.. it was  ore like a last minute thing! We filmed some scenes, then changed our minds.. And started filming all over again! It was hard, long and stressful!  Filming our thriller opening, we had to be organised, or we wouldn’t have been able to film and finish it. We made sure we knew what we were doing, which days we were filming.. The props and costumes we needed.. Plus we made sure we stuck to our plan, so that we would finish on time! I learned that organisation skills are a key skill in filming, alongside teamwork, communication and commitment! Without all of these are films would have not been completed on time.
During filming our prelim film, we hadn’t yet got use to the media equipment as it was only our second time using it! Trying to film it, I found it pretty confusing, as I wasn’t use to it, plus I forgot a few things that we were told during our introduction to the cameras! So basically I was going by what I thought was right! Plus one big problem for me was adjusting the tripod! It kept getting stuck and I didn’t no how to adjust it properly.. it was really frustrating and wasted a lot of our time.
When it came to film our thriller opening, we had a lot of practice with the cameras, so we got use to it.. and were comfortable filming with it. Because we knew what we were doing, and we knew how to adjust the tripod and use the cameras properly, we saved a lot of time. After the prelim film, we gained strong camera skills, which were really useful for our final film.
When we filmed our prelim film, we had dialogue.. We were told we have to have a bit of dialogue. I thought it was not a very good idea, as the sound was terrible in our prelim film, you hardly can a hear a thing they say to each other. It was unclear and made the film look so fake!  After experiencing our prelim film with dialogue, we decided the best option was no to use dialogue in our actual film. We decided to use a suspenseful theme tune instead, as we believed it would create suspense and build up tension. The theme tune was way more effective then a bit of simple dialogue.
During our prelim filming, we only knew the basics; we were still in the process of learning. We only knew few shots and we didn’t really know how to make it look realistic and interesting! But over time, after a lot of practice and teamwork.. We learnt how to make scenes look interesting, how to film different shots to give a different prospective to the film.

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