Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 1 (Analysis)

In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop Or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Real Media Products?

These two shots are very similar, as they both start of the film by setting the scene. both of them have a wide shot of the place, letting you get a feel of the film. I believe our shot looks more realistic and believable, because of the trees and the bench inn the shot. The shining shot, looks 'Wow' its a bit too much, but yet it works well with the actual film. Both of these locations work well with a thriller, because it gives you a feeling of isolation and loneliness, which gives an idea that, anything can happen!  
Most of our shots are linked with the T.V Programme CSI - Crime Scene Investigation, this is because our thriller is a crime thriller.

When we filmed the lab scenes, we wanted it to look as realistic as CSI, as that was our inspiration from the beginning. We got appropriate equipment from the lab, so that Jessica could carry out a investigation and make it look like a real murder scene. Both these scenes look really similar, as both of them are carrying out some sort of investigation. Plus both of them are dressed similar, they both are wearing a white coat and gloves, this is the appropriate clothing for a lab.

Particular scenes in our thriller opening were influenced by the popular British crime drama ‘Wire in the Blood’. We decided to only show parts of the body, as we thought that would be much easier than the whole body. As you can see both these images are only showing their faces.. This makes it look convincing. The image from wire in the blodd, has the body on a metal slab, but we decided to film ours, where the body was found, we thought it would look more realistic.

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