Monday, 7 March 2011

Film Schedule

As 2 members of our team aren't here, I and Rima have decided to schedule our filming.
Last lesson we spoke to the head of science to see when the lab is free, for the investigation in our film.
He told us the dates the lab would be free and asked us to do a list of the things we need for our film.  
This is the list we gave him:
  • two white lab coats
  • goggles 
  • test tubes
  • dish
  • white sheet 
  • spatulas 
  • microscope 
We have decided to meet up at three on Tuesday to start filming for our lab scene.
On Wednesday, we have a three hour lesson which is great to start our film in Hampstead heath for the murder scene.
For this scene, the props we need to bring in are:
  • fake blood 
  • white sheet 
  • smart clothing 
  • casual clothing
  • headphones 
  • police tape
  • change of clothes 
This is the schedule we have organised for our filming. We hope everything goes according to plan, and that our team mates don't let us down. 

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