Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Inspiration For Sound..

When it came to deciding what sound we needed for our film, I decided that our best option would be to use the popular website You Tube. I decided to use You Tube to find our soundtrack, as you will always find what you are looking for when you use You Tube.  So whilst Jessica and Rima were finalising the editing for our film, I decided to start looking for our soundtrack. So I got myself a laptop from the cabinet and decided to work on the same table as my group, as I thought that if I found the perfect soundtrack I could easily show my group if I was sitting on the same table as them.  So after I had logged on to the computer and got on to You Tube the first thing I done was type in Crime scene music and hundreds of pages worth of music came up.  So I decided to start from the top and work my way down to I have listened to every piece of music on the page.  But you wouldn’t not believe this the very first music sound track I listened was exact soundtrack we was looking for. It started off slow then it would get faster as the soundtrack progressed, but unfortunately the soundtrack was copy righted meaning we wouldn’t be allowed to use unless we got permission. And of course we wouldn’t be able to get permission at such short notice, so I began my search again looking for the perfect soundtrack. During this time Jessica and Rima had finished editing our film, so they decided to help me look for the perfect sound track. Luckily after ages of looking for the perfect sound track Jessica and Rima finally found our soundtrack and it wasn’t copy righted, this was perfect as it meant that we would be able to use it.   

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