Friday, 25 March 2011

Deadline is fast approaching...

So we are finally coming to the end of our thriller film topic, this means our deadline is fast approaching. It also means that we are coming to the end of our blogs, I am quite sad about this as I have really enjoyed writing my blogs. Even though it took me a long a time to get used to them, I will be very upset when we won’t be able to write them anymore. As I was saying at the beginning of my blog, yes our deadline for when our films and blogs have to be handed in is fast approaching. Usually when I have a deadline to meet I would be really scared that I might not meet the deadline, but this time I can honestly say that I am not really panicking about this deadline as I know that I am going to make this deadline. I know that I am going to make this deadline as my thriller film is all completed with sound and titles and everything.  The only thing I am panicking about is my blogs I haven’t completed all my blogs yet. Not to worry as I am sure that by tomorrow afternoon at 3:00pm I will have completed all my blogs. By the way this is also the time that our thriller film and all our blogs have to be handed in.  

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