Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation - Question 4&5

What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why? How Will You Attract/Address Your Audience?

As a class we discussed how we can market and distribute our media product, we spoke about all the ways we can get our film out there. We knew it wouldnt be backed or released by big film companies such a Paramount or Warner Brothers. So we had to be realistic and think about ways which would be suitable and doable  to get our films watched and noticed. Our film was low budget, plus it was a student film, so this meant if we wanted our films to get watched we would have to market and distribute on online and social networking sites, which are free and worldwide! These are some of the ideas we came up with, some of these are done online and does not cost anything!

  • Facebook  - uploading it on Facebook, would get our film watched by a lot of students our age, plus they can like and comment, this would help us see what they think of our film.
  • YouTube - uploading it on youtube, we can see how many hits we get, this would show us whether our film is popular and liked or not.
  • DVDs - Our film will also be released on DVD with 200 copies being distributed
  • Film Screening  - our films going to be shown on screen of the green in Angel, where we all are going to go and watch it, this would get a wider range of audience watching it.
  • Vimeo - Another site were we can upload our film, and get it watched by a wider range audience.

Bernard showed us two websites which are used to distribute films, they were both very successful.

uploading our film onto this site, would be a great advantage, as this is a worldwide website and is used all over the world and our fil would get viewed by many different viewers, which would expose our films. also people can watch as many videos as they want as its absolutely free and does not cost them a penny! however the disadvantage of it is that its not targeted at helping young film makers, its only used so that people can only watch films.

The reason bernard showed us this website was because a film that was published by students actually came first in a competition. this website helps young people from all different backgrounds to develop and maintain their skills, talent, creativity, confidence and other capabilities.
the good thing is that this company is funded by the lottery organisation.

We watched this clip in class > Hey Jumper by Elishama Udorok at First Light
The reason we watched this film, was because it was a winning film made by students! this inspired us all because it proved that young people, such as ourselves can get our film shown to a wide range of audience.

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