Monday, 21 March 2011

Filming Continued..

Once we had finally managed to solve the memory card problem we was ready to start filming, about time as I was already frozen.  We decided to film asmuch as possible as its better to have to much than to little. We thought if we filmed the same scene over and over again then we could pick which scene we thought would be best to feature in our film. When we began filming we stillhad a problem as I was supposed to be dead in the film, should I have my eyes open or shut. Rima and Jessica thought that I should have my eyes closed but I thought it would be better if I had them opened as it would make the film look more real. Half way through filming and we was begining to start needing close upand as we had a digital camera we thought we should use that as well as filming. So whilst Rima was filming Jessica would be taking photographic evidence of anything which could help solve the crime. By this time I was starting to regret keeping my eyes open, as everytime Jessica would take a close up photo of my eyes it would make me blink, this was really distracting as it was making us waste time.

Once we had got the shots from all angles we decided, to move the camera and tri pod and go and film somewhere else, this was good as I wouldnt have to lie on the floor anymore being covered in blood. We decide to go back to the top of the hill and film from there, we thought this would be the perfect shot to begin our film. As it would give the audience a chance to see where we had been filming. once we got to the top of the hill, by this time it was absolutely freezing and I was beginning to shiver. We tried to get enough footage and I think we achieved this and we even got a few people to appear in our film, without even realising until we replayed the footage. We thought this was good as it made our film seem more real and it showed that it was a real location.

After we finished filming and packed up all our equipment and made sure that we had forgotten anything, we decided we should start walking back through the park so we could go and get the train back to college. Once we started walking we realised we hadnt even checked the train times, this was making me nervous as we only had 35minutes left until the camera equipment had to back. What was we going to do if we didnt get the camera equipment back in time? Luckily once we got to the train station after walking for ages, we realised that we didnt have to wait too long for the train to come, only about 10 minutes this was a big relief as time was starting to fly by. Once we got on the train I started to relax as I knew we would be back to college in no time, I knew this as coming back from a place is always quicker thean going. After we got off the train and scanned our Oysters and came out of the station we seen a bus that we could get back to college, but we thought we was too tired so we werent going to run for it. But then another bus came past, this time we decided to run for it as time was nearly running out. Luckily we got the bus and it only takes 5 minutes to get to college on the bus, so that was a good thing. After we got off the bus and scanned our cards to get into college we only had two minutes left until we had to give our equipment back, luckily we made and there was no problem we just gave the equipment back and left. All in all I would say that we had a successful day of filming and we managed to get the equipment back on time even though we was working with a really tight schedule. But I would say we managed to get eneough footage to make a brillant film.

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