Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Adding Titles to our Film

So today in Bernard's lesson as we had finished all our editing and adding sound to our film we only had one more thing to do before our film was finalised and that was to add the titles to our film. As I said in my previous blog, we  have chosen what titles to include in our film, all we have to decided now is where to put them in our film. As our media lesson was coming to an end me, Jessica and Rima decided to stay behind and work through our lunch time as this gave an extra chance to get some feedback from our teachers but it also gave us the chance to complete our film during workshop.

The first thing we did when we begun adding titles was to open up Final Cut again and to open up our thriller film, we did this so that it was easier to insert the titles into the corrct places without hvaing to keep changing to different programmes. After trying a different number of fonts, we finally decided to use the 'Arial Black' font. We decided to use this font as we thought it would make our film stand out as it plain and bold, so it would be easier for people to see as the writing is simple and easy for people to read. The next thing we had to decide when it came to our titles is the size, we had to choose whether we wanted the writing for our titles to be big or small. We all agreed that the titles should be of a medium size, so that the audience is able to see the titles.

We decided the order of our titles should be this;
  1. Distributor- CANDI Studios
  2. Starring- Sophie Hughes & Jessica Rocha
  3. Editor- Sarah Bunch
  4. Screenplay- Elizabeth Louise
  5. Sound- Amy Cooper
  6. Costumes and Set Design- Amber Seer
  7. Producer- Danielle Smith
  8. Director- Rima Begum
  9. The Title- Unknown
We decided this order as we thought it would suit the film and we decided to put the title of the film last as it makes the film seem more real. We decided to place the titles throughout the whole of the sequences so that nearly every frame of the film had a title appearing. But we careful chose where to place the titles, we decided to place the titles in the less importanting scenes as this way the audience would miss out on all the important bits to the film. Finally after spending hours in the editing suite we was finally finished, this was a good thing as we finished right in the nick of time as my next lesson was about to start. So after saving all our work and handing back our video drive off we went to our next lesson. This was a huge relief as I didnt have to worry about coming back after class to finish our film, as I knew there was no need to as our film was finally completed.

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