Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Letdown again!!

As I arrived at college on the last day of filming our film, I felt excited as we was finally going to a real and eye catching location. But as I arrived to wait outside the classroom for Bernard to arrive Jessica was waiting outside for me and she had some bad news for me. Jessica was coming to tell me that Amy wasn't going to be able to come and film with us today, as she was unwell this was disappointing as we was hoping Amy would be better so that she could come and film with us.  After talking about we decided we would have to go and film today without Amy as this was particular I last day that we would be able to film as the deadline for a rough cut of our thriller film was fast approaching.  After discussing our situation better with Bernard he agreed and said that we had to go film without Amy. So once we collected the equipment we decided to leave straight away, as we needed as much time to film as possible. So we left the college and went to the bus stop to wait for our bus to arrive.

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