Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final EDIT!

Today we as a group decided that we had to finish our film, no matter what!
So i collected our video drive and memory cards and cracked on with our editing!
First me and Jessica re-arranged the scenes the way its supposed to be.. and yes, you’ve guessed it.. It took LONG!
We were actually getting really annoyed, but we stayed positive! :D
Sophie tried working on the titles, but she couldn’t do them unless she had the film.. so there was no point in her trying!
After we finally finished the editing, me and Jessica started on adding the music! We did eventually find the right one for our film, and luckily we all liked it J
Putting the theme tune took FOREVEVR! Well atleast it felt like that, there were certain bits of it that we didn’t like, so we were cutting it, copying and pasting! We got so fed up, as it wasn’t flowing the way we wanted it to.. so we decided to listen to the whole theme tune with the film.. And thank god that the tune flowed with the scene and it actually sounded quite Good, even though we didn’t like it!
So we were half way on our editing process, after the sound and the editing were sorted, we moved onto the titles!
The titles didn’t take too long, after we learned how to put them in, we added the titles through final cut pro, as it was more simpler.  
We were slowly getting there, and as we completed each step.. the more happier everyone got! :D
Me, Jessica and Sophie decided to stay for lunch, as we planned that we were not leaving till we finished out film! We were determined to finish today!

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