Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Shopping for props..

So after me, Rima and Jessica had finished filming  and I had taken the camera equipment back to the media office, I decided to go and buy our props which we would need for our second day of filming. I already knew a shop that would sell fake blood, so that was the easy part. So off I went on the bus to 'Party Party.' This is the shop that would sell anything you need for any occasion whether its Halloween or just a birthday party, 'Party Party' was your shop.  Once i arrived at party, which took longer than expected because of the traffic I knew it exactly where to go in the shop to find the blood. The finding the blood wasnt the problem is was choosing what blood to have, i mean there was gooey blood than you could even get fake blood which you can make yourself, I wasn't expecting that. So in the end aftera few minutes deciding i decided to go for the blood which looked most realistic and even looked real when you put it on to the piece of clothing or what ever you are going to you it for. After I decided what blood I was going to buy, the next thing of on my list was police tape. Trying to find the police tape was a lot harder than  finding the blood, so to help me find it I asked one of the people who worked in the shop whether they sold police tape. Unfortunatelly they never so this brought our movie to a standstill for a minute, as the police tape was going to play a major part in the film. But in the end we decided to change a few things in our movie anyway, so not getting the police didn't really do much damage as we was able to work around not having the police tape.

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