Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Changing The Motion Of Our Film!

From the beginning we all got it into our heads that our thriller opening was going to be FAST!
So we didn’t really consider anything else, well I suppose when you get something straight in your head.. You just want it to turn out the way you imagine it in your head.. Which is always Perfect!
But when it actually came down to it, the fast pace of the film didn’t really work out the way we thought it would! At first our thriller opening was becoming shorter and shorter! As if that wasn’t bad enough, but speeding the scenes up didn’t look right and you didn’t get the feel of the scene!
We were stuck, it wasn’t flowing the way we all thought it would.. We thought that’s it for us.. Our films just slowing dying!

But we weren’t going to give up!

Phil came and watched it.. And told us that actually hardly any thriller films are fast pace.. He told us to actually make some of the scenes slow, to get a feel of what’s going on.
We weren’t sure at first.. But then it actually made sense.. And for the first time our thriller film was looking good! We didn’t make everything slow motion, because that would have just been so long and boring! The key scenes we slowed them down just a little, not too much so it drags on!

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