Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Adding Sound to our Film..

So today in class my group was ready to begin adding sound to our film this was a really exciting process as this meant our film was finally beginning to seem like a real film. So when adding sound to our film we decided that the first thing we should do is find our overall background music, which will be played throughout our whole film.  We decided to use a soundtrack which we found on You Tube and of course before we added it to our film we made sure it flowed but also that it wasn’t copy righted. As if it was copy righted we wouldn’t have been able to use it. All we had to do now was to convert our soundtrack into an mp4 piece, and then we would be able to add it to our film. After we had converted the soundtrack into an mp4 piece and had added it our film all we had left to do was to add the sound effects to our film. To add the sound effects to our film, we decided to use the programme ‘Sound Track Pro’ as this had a wide selection of sound effects.  I was really excited about this process as I had finally worked out how to use ‘Sound Track Pro’ properly we decided to only use a few sound effects. We decided to only use a few sound effects as we didn’t want our film to be filled with sound effects. When it came to adding sound effects to our film I knew exactly what sound effects to use, we decided to just use sound effects when it came to Jessica taking photos of the dead body. So all we had to find was a sound effect which sounded like a camera, this was perfect as we found the perfect sound. It was the perfect sound as it was an actually sound effect of a camera this was perfect the sound for our film is finally complete.


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