Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing Part 2..

So as I said in my previous blog Jessica and Rima was absent from today lesson, so that just left me and Amy to continue with the editing process. Today in class we had to complete our rough cut film, so that we would be able to post it on to our blog by the end of our lesson. For our rough cut we was told to put together a rough cut of our film. It didn't have to be completed it but had to feature most of your footage it also had to be in a  pretty good order. me and Amy tried our best to put our rough cut together, we added all  of our footage which had been edited and we also made sure that we had added all the important shots like close ups and long shots. Even though me and Amy had finished our rough cut we decided not to post it on to the blog just yet, we thought we would post it on Monday, after we had got the chance to show Jessica and Rima the work we had done.

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