Monday, 21 March 2011

Editing Part 1...

So in Phil's lesson this week, we was finally beginning the process of editing. This was where the real hard work started if we wanted to make our film amazing, which of course we did :). As me and Amy arrived early to this lesson I decided to go and get our memory cards, video drive and a card reader before the rest of our group arrived. So that I could start uploading our footage to the computer, so that when Jessica and Rima arrived we could begin editing straight away. Once I got the video drive, memory cards and card reader and had set up the computer Amy began Uploading our footage, which was more than we expected when we combined both of filming together. Which was a good thing as now would have a lot of footage to choose from. As we didnt know where to start editing from we thought it would be best to watch all the footage first, than we would be able to decided what to do. We also thought this was a good idea as it would give Amy the chance to see what we had filmed, whilst she had been abset then it would make it easier for her to help us edit our film. 

Whilst we was in the process of watching the clips Phil came to speak to us to see what we ws doing and if we need any help, which we didnt. Phil came up with an idea that he thought would help us in the process of editing, he said that we should name each of our clips as this would make it easier when deciding where to put each clip in the film. He also said that this process would save us time, as we would already know where and what the clip was called so we wouldnt have to watch it again to know. Sadly we didnt have time to do this, as after we had watched the clips and Mary and Phil had spoken to us about our deadlines, which was fast approaching. Our lesson was over and it was time to go home. It didn't really matter as we could name our clips during Bernard's lesson on wednesday.

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