Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Editing Part 3..

Yesterday in Phil's lesson me, Jessica and Rima carried on with editing our film which was starting to look really good. As time was running out we decided if we finished editing in this lesson then on Wednesday's lesson we could concentrate on adding sound and titles to our film. Unfortunately we didn't get to finish the editing in Phil's lesson as we realised it is going to take longer than we first expected, as after listening to Phil, Mary and Bernard about what we needed to change to make the film better we decided to rearrange our film to make it better. This is a long process so I have decided to come to stay after college tommrow so I can get some work done for our film, this will help us as we wont have much editing left to do on Wednesday meaning we can concentrate on our sound and titles.

During our lesson yesterday we also thought if we started to look for aspects of sound we could use then we would have a rough idea of what sound we wanted to include in our film. Simple right, you cant be more. We decided that the best place to look would be YouTube. So we got on to the website without a problem and typed in suspenseful music, and hundreds of idea's came up. We thought brilliantly we wont have a problem choosing which one to use. We decided to start at the top of the page and work our way down. But once we clicked the music we wanted to listen we realised the sound wasn't working, we tried to solve the problem ourselves but we had no luck. So we decided to ask Mary for help, but even she didn't know what was wrong with it so she went to get Marssia the technician to see if she could fix it. Luckily Marssia was able to fix but by the time she fixed it was time to go home, so we decided we would start the sound on Wednesday, during our next lesson.

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