Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluation-Question 6- Part 2: Audience Feedback And Comment

In Phil's lesson on Monday we had the chance to watch each others thriller films, it was really exciting watching other people's thriller films. As they all had brilliant ideas when it came to what they had based their thriller films on. After we had watched each others films we had to give the feedback of what we thought was good about the film and what we thought could have been improved about the film. After the class had watched our film this is some of the feed back we were given;
The close ups are really good, and the blood doesn’t look fake, looks very realistic. Titles were clear and visible.
Mise en scene- is good.
A little too fast paced at the beginning.
Sense of mystery
A really good and clear plot or storyline
Great props and blood associated with the Mise en scene.
Fast paced editing.
Lab= Too dark
Shaky camera
The music fits really well with the genre
It sounded like CSI or something
The titles in white really stood out.
The scenes were a bit dark and I think lighting would have helped.
Variety of shots
Realistic props- blood on the clothes
Out of focus in some scenes
Too dark in the lab
Sound of camera was a bit off
The dead body looked really good- good Mise en scene
The location for the lab was really good- made it look realistic
Some parts looked unfocused when doing close ups
Too dark in some scenes
The sound looped too much
Good uses of close up and pan of the dead body
Music builds up suspense and tension
Hand held camera
Good use of props- fake blood looked really realistic
Some of the filming is a bit dark compared to the rest of the film
I think the sound worked well with film and editing, I also like the Mise en scene (blood and lab scene looked realistic)
I thought the locations worked well
I think the use of close ups and camera movement worked well.
I think that the lab scene was too dark and I think that some shots were out of focus.
Variety of shots of the body
Montage feel in the lab scene
Realistic Mise en scene- white clothes & blood
Lightning could have been better
The camera work was really well done at the beginning
The make up was really good
The contrast between the red blood and white clothes was really good.
It’s a bit too dark in the lab
Soundtrack worked well with the clip
Editing worked well, almost like a proper Hollywood crime thriller.
Lighting was a bit dark for the lab scene.
Sound was very good matched the editing
Very realistic
Lab scenes are really dark
Good music
Good use of Mise en scene – blood with white clothes
Writing out of focus
Lab scenes really dark
Too fast
Good use shots at the beginning
Sound track is slightly gimmicky
Lighting could have been improved
I think the titles of the film don’t go with the film
The sound was good and thrilling.
The location was appropriate and looked realistic
There could have been more close ups and at a quicker pace. It would have been more effective if they didn’t show the girl taking pictures of the dead body to add mystery.

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