Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The ' Watching' Documenatry

In class we watched a documentary about how the directors want to open their film.
I found out that directors like to open their film with some action and a 'BANG'! to grab the audiences attention but they have to then think whats next how do they keep the audiences intrigued and wanting more. The aim is to keep people interested. 
Some of the questions that we had to answer were:

According to director Jean Jacques Beineix , what are the risks of 'instant arousal'?
The risks are that if using something exciting and a powerful opening is that the film may get boring after a while and the audience may loose interest in the film and also for the directors this may become hard for them to think of a storyline that will carry on the excitement.

What does critic Stanley Kauffman describe as the classic opening?
He describes a class opening as being a establishing shot of a city ( most of the time its New York ) which then cut to a close up of a office which we then see our first character.

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