Wednesday, 16 February 2011


On Tuesday my group decided it would be best if we came to workshop, as it would give us a chance to complete our pitch but also so we could get some help if we needed to. Unfortunatelly Jessica and Amy couldn't come to workshop, so this just left me and Rima to complete the pitch in under an hour. Whilst in workshop we decided we should complete all the unfinished slides, put the powerpoint together and most importantly to draw and make our storyboard in to an animatic. To save us time me and Rima decided we should each take one thing each to complete I decided to take the storyboard, but the problem is I can't draw to save my life but I thought let me try as this is for my coursework. As I started to draw the storyboard I started to come up with all kinds of shots we could use to make our thrilling, I thought we could take a close up shot of the dead girl's hand as it could be seen as vital evidence. Once I had drawn all the shots I could think of, i decided to ask Rima for help as we didn't have enough shots. We both came up with the idea that we would take a wide shot of the two detectives standing near the body of the young girl who has been murdered. Unfortunately we didnt complete our pitch during workshop, which is quite scary as we would be presenting the pitch the next day in the morning.:(   

Me and Rima in workshop!!!


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