Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Premlin Final

After our jelly babies short story we then got to make the jelly babies come to life by using Jessica and Sophie. We used a classroom in the college to recreate our scene of a coffe shop. We used all of the camera angels we were told to use and it was really fun to watch our idea come to life. It took us a while to film it as we were trying to figure out the best angles for our shots. We used loads of different camers shot close ups to show the emotions of our characters, long shots to show body language and of course match cuts and sot reverse shot which we were told we had to use.


After we filmed it we went into the ediditing suit and uploaded all our shots to final cut we played around with them and got them into the order then were ment to be in, when we fianlly done that we went onto a programe called soundtrack and had to put in sound effects we used them for , footsteps and the door closing we were very lucky with the sound as what we needed was already on the film but we had to add a few more sound effects.  When we added the sound effects  we were not sure werever to add a soundtrack but we thought that it sounded better without it.

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