Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Final Edit, LiveType And Sound :)

After we finished editing our film, we added sound to it, to make it more interesting and realistic. We learnt how to use a programme called ‘Soundtrack’ which was useful, because it helped when we added sound to our film. We worked as group to add sound, so we could all learn how to use it and get use to it. Plus we all had a say in on which sound to add, so no one felt left out!
In my opinion adding sound to our film was way easier and better than editing :D
The good thing about soundtrack Pro is that it has a wide range of different sounds and their easy to find and use. J
While we were choosing sounds for our film, we made sure they sounded realistic and went well with the film!
After we finished adding sound to our film, we got an introduction on LiveType, which is a programme that allows you to add titles and subtitles to your film.

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