Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Turning our Jelly Babies into a movie...

Last week in Bernard's lesson we was given time to turn our animatic storyboard into a proper film, at first we wasn't sure how we should do it, so we took a little bit of time to plan our shots and polish up our storyline. and where we should film the short film. As we needed somewhere where it was quite and not a lot of people around. So in the end we made the decision to film in the college canteen, as we thought it suited the mood we was trying to show. But after we had filmed our animatic we realised that it would have been better to shoot it in the classroom, so after break we decided to start again, this was really annoying as it didn't give us much time to film. But in the end we made it work, and in my opinion i think filming in the classroom was a much better idea than filming in the canteen.

After we had filmed our short film, we just had enough time to upload the movie on to 'Final Cut' and to start editing. If i am entirely honest i don't really like editing, as i get confused as to what i have to do, but after i asked for help from the media technician Mickey i understood what i had to do. Once we begun to edit our movie we started to notice some mistakes that we had made, but i say that this is a good thing as it shows us what we need to improve on when it comes to making our real thriller film. when editing we decided to edit the movie so that the film will flow together nicely without any interuptions or cuts.

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