Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Evaluation of Prelim film

well last lesson we finally finished editing and adding sound to our prelim film.
it took us quite some time but in the end it came out great.
however there are some things i believe we could have done better.

when we edited or film on final cut pro, we were not able to hear the sound so we tried our best to still do it.
last lesson we had to add sound,and as you can imagine there were some parts of the film which did not go so well as you could hear some things in the scenes which were not supposed to be there. We still tried our best and added some sound which you can watch on the blog (previous post  ) 

We added sound using soundtrack pro of course, as it is the best programme to use.
We added sounds like:

Even though our film did come out pretty good,I do believe that we could have added better and more sounds to it and adjusted it so it fitted in with the film.
We could have added sounds like the door opening, sliding doors etc. 

At the end we had to add some titles such as the producer and the title of the film. Although we could have use livetype to create our amazing titles we chose to use final cut pro as it was better suited at the time.

overall I think we all done a pretty good job at putting the film together and we now have a better idea of what to do for our actual film :) 

please watch our film and i hope you enjoy it 

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