Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Livetype and sound

For our mini movie we used livetype which was amazing as you can literally get every sound you want from it!
i was really impressed as this helped our movie so much and made it exciting to watch.
I learned a lot from this and had so much fun putting it together.

There were so many sounds to choose from that it did take a while to put it together with our movie. However we had fun playing around and testing with the sounds. We wanted to make sure that all the sounds went with each scene.
We watched our film over and over again to know what sounds we could use that would go really well with the movie and that would still seem realistic and effective to the audience watching it.

We used sounds like :
*DOOR CLOSING (for when I walked out of the bathroom)
*FOOTSTEPS (as I am being followed down the stairs)
*TEXT MESSAGE( when the text message is received)
*HEAVY BREATHING(when reading the text message)
*TRAFFIC(when we are at the bus stop)
*RINGING PHONE(when the phone rings at the bus stop)

Enjoy our mini movie and see for yourself how realistic it sounds and how fantastic livetype is.
Try it and just have fun with it, I am sure there's not a sound you won't be able to find

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