Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Adding sound and titles to our Preliminary film..

This week in Phil's lesson we begun the process of adding sound and titles to our preliminary film.
I really enjoyed this lesson as it gave us a chance to try out new pieces of sound to add to our film, we decided to choose sound which we thought would go perfectly with our film. When choosing the sound to use we wanted the sound to be realistic so we tried getting the right sound for each part in the film, like when Jessica was walking to open the door we tried to get the right footsteps, that matched her shoes. I think we done a good job with the sound but for future refrence i think it would be a good idea to record the sound aswell, when we are filming our real film. When working with sound we used a programme called 'Soundtrack Pro,' just by looking at the name you assume using it is going to be hard, well thats what i thought but in actually fact it is not that hard to use. I actually think it is really easy to use when you get the hang of it.
Add pictures.

Also during this lesson we added titles to our film, I thought this process was really confusing as when adding titles to your film, there is so many things you have to consider;- where do you place the title of the movie. in my opinion i think you should add the title at the end of the film. Another thing you have to consider is where do you place  all the directors and editiors of the film at the beginning or the end of your title sequence. I think you should add the directors and editors of the film in the middle of your title sequence, as i think it is more effective this way. To help us with the process of adding titles to our film we used a programme called 'Livetype.' When deciding how we should design our title sequence, we decided to go with something orginal and plain, as we thought we would spend more time on our real film we come to designing the title sequence.

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