Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Denotation and Connotation

We learnt about denotation and connotation and looked a number of images to understand what this means.

What an image actually shows and what is immediately  apparent as opposed to the assumptions that an individual reader may make about it.

The meaning of a sign that is arrived at through the culture experience a ready brings to it.

Denotation: or first level of signification
Identification and definition of elements of a text on a basic. The thing is red and is a heart. Denotational readings will be common to a large number of people- the audience will identify it as just a red heart.

Connotation: or a second level of signification
Connotation begins when you link an object
with other signs and meanings - the heart is red which symbolises 
love or lust or even danger it could also represents couple in love
and also valentines day. Connotations are numerous and vary from reader to reader.


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