Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Preliminary Filming!

 well il get straight to the point, I wont bore you with all the small detail..

Well basically we turned our jellybabies storyboard into reality!
Yes, you guessed right, we got to film once again! And as you probably relised.. I LOVE FILMING!! && I Enjoy It :D

Basically we had literally three hours to turn our jellybabies storyboard from paper into action!
We divided our time so that we would have enough time to film everything and start the editing.. we used the first half of the lesson to plan what we were going to do, we then used 2 hours to film && the last half for editing.
After we finished most of our filming, we as a group changed our mind about our storyboard.. Yes, most of you probabaly think we were out of our minds.. but somehow we managed to change it, refilm and edit all in that same lesson!
We refilmed most of the scenes, but we used the classroom instead of the canteen.. because it was much quieter and less distracting.. we also added in an extra bit at the end, were one of the girl got shot.
We literally had to film proper quick, without making mistakes!
After we finally finished filming all the scenes, we literally had 30mins to edit it.. it was a TIGHT edit!

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