Wednesday, 9 February 2011


We started planning our film finally :) and we had to write a treatment of what our film is about and what it will include.

We decided to film in a field at Hampsted Heath and also film in a staffroom and college to recreate to setting of a office at a police station. In our film a young girl has been murdered and been found in a field it is up to the police ( me and Jessica _ to investigate into why and how this has happened to this girl and see if we can trace her last moments. The props we will be using are costumes ( suits , trousers, glasses,black shoes, notepads,police badges,fake blood, white sheet and more if we can think of some. Our influences are the opening of the stepfather as we want to have flashbacks in our film and we also looked at The Bill for ideas as we will be filming a crime thriller and also Silent Witness. The sound we talked about if a suspense soundtrack maybe all the way through we looked at The Bill soundtrack and we would like something similar to that also we need a gunshot noise and we are also using dialogue.

To be contiuned.

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