Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Things we have to consider

Before we could even plan our film their are some things we need to consider the main thing is location this is our priority before anything else ad we cannot do anything without our location as this is a thriller the most obvious locations would be forests,graveyards,haunted house , old estate etc. As like I said these are the obvious ones my group decided to go with something else as we felt that everyone uses these ideas every year so we decided to go for a field and a office.

Other things we also have to consider are:
  •  Lighting 
  • Space
  • The noise
  • Can we get interesting shots
  • Can we get a range of shots
  • Be creative with it
  • Interesting composition


One of the other the other things we have to consider is our safety we do not want to be doing nothing that's going to put us at risks by climbing tall buildings and running acre's train tracks just for a good shot.


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