Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Planning our pitch..

In Phil's lesson this week we begun the process of planning our pitch ready to present our idea's to Bernard, Mary and the rest of our Media class. This process was quite nerve wracking, as this ment we was fast approaching the time when we would have to begin fiilming our film.To help us with our pitch Phil gave us a hand out of what our pitch had to include;-
  • The title of your movie
  • The treatment (Brief outline of the film)
  • What type (subgenre) of thriller is it? Have any other openings inspired you?
  • Planned locations and location shots
  • Props, costumes and other mise en scene
  • Full Storyboard / Animatic with titles
  • Preliminary idea's about sound
  • Production Schedule- what you are doing where and when
  • Risk assessment
  • Skills audit to date
  • Institutional detail- which film company would produce your movie and how would that affect PDE
  • Audience detail- who is your target audience and what would appeal to them about your film?
As there are 12 points we all decided we should do 4 points each, as Amy wasn't in we decided we would do her points aswell. The points for our pitch I had to design was;
  1. Props, costumes and other mise en scene
  2. Full storyboard and preferably animatic with titles
  3. Preliminary idea's about sound
  4. Production scedule -what we are filming where and when

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