Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Us Presenting Our Pitch!

Today was the final day.. Well I don’t mean “final” as in Final! I mean we had to present our pitches! But before we started we had 30 minutes to work on our presentation.. Most of you would probably be thinking that’s a very long time.. Well let me tell you something.. IT REALLY ISNT!
In that 30minutes we done what we can, we made the storyboard into a Animatic, we also finished of some off the slides.. But we were not completely finished! But there was nothing we could do, we run out of time! And on top of that Bernard said we have to present first!
So we all decided to split the slides and take it in turns to talk.. At first I was pretty nervous and a bit all over the place.. But the minute we started presenting.. Everything just kind of fell into place.. It wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. we were told we had 15 minutes to present,, at first we thought 15  minutes is a very long time to present,, and we didnt really have that much to say.. but somehow the time just flew by.. and before we knew it.. we were going over the time.. which was alright as we got most of our presentation done :D All in all i thought our presentation was actually good :)

These Are Some Pictures Of The Other Groups That Presented.. :)

Watching other groups present their pitches was actually very interesting as well as helpful. It was nice hearing other people’s ideas; it was very different from ours. It helped watching them present as well as getting feedback, it made us realise what to do to make a good thrilling opening scene. We also learned how the smallest things can ruin the whole atmosphere of the scene.

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