Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Thriller Planning!

Today we finally start planning our actual thriller film :D
How exciting is that?

We as a group all decided to do a CRIME THRILLER!!

We got a worksheet and we had to discuss all the main elements in our film.

The storyline we came up with was, we start off with a murder scene, and basically a young girl has been murdered and been found dead in a field. Then two officers are going to open up an investigation to see how and why it happened! We decided that were going to use flashback in out film, to make it more intense!
The flashback idea came from the influence of the beginning of stepfather, we also got a few ideas from the bill && Silent Witness, as it is linked with crime && investigation. :)
We decided to film in a field at Hampstead Heath,, We also need a staffroom to get a setting of an office at a police station.
Props Were Going To Use:
·         Police Tape
·         Costumes; Suits, Black Shoes, Glasses
·         White sheet
·         Notepads
·         Badges
·         Fake Blood
We talked a little about the sound we were thinking about to use, but we didn’t really go into detail. We thought about using a suspenseful soundtrack throughout the whole thing.. But were really not sure yet.. Were definitely going to have dialogue in our film.

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