Friday, 18 February 2011


The day had arrived, we would finally have to present our pitch to the our media techers and to the students in our media class. This was also the day we would find out if we was going to be allowed to begin filming our film. In Bernard's lesson  this week we had to present our Pitch to the whole class, which was really nerve wracking as we hadn't quite finished it and we wasn't sure what people was going to say about it. Before we started pitching our idea to the class Bernard gave us half an hour to finish our pitch, which wasn't actually enough time as we still had to finish our anamatic storyboard. In the end we decided to present what we had completed to the rest of the class. We had a time slot of 15 minutes to present our pitch then we had to be prepared to answer questions about our pitch. To me I thought 15 minutes was quite a long time to present, I thought what are we going to talk about as there wasn't much that we could say. But in actually fact when the time came to it the time flew and we actually went over the 15 minutes, which is quite surprising as we didn't really have that much to talk about.  All in all I would say that our pitch was quite successful as our teacher and the rest of the students in our class liked the idea for our thriller film.

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