Thursday, 17 February 2011

Our Pitch

In class we were told that we had to create a pitch to the class about out film so we can get some feedback and also give advice to other students it will also be a good expereice as we get to see what other groups are filming and what idea that they have.

Our pitch had to consits of the following

1.  The title of our movie
2.  The treatment (brief outline of the film)
3.  What type (subgenre) of the thriller is it? Have any other openings inspired us?
4.  Planned locations and location shots (Include Photos)
5.  Props, costumes and other Mise en scene (photos or bring them along if you already sourced them)
6.  Full storyboard and preferably animatic including the titles
7.  Preliminary ideas about sound
8.  Production Schedule
9.  Risk Assessment
10.  Skills We learnt
11. Institutional detail
12.  Audience detail

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