Friday, 18 February 2011


After we presented our pitch, which to me went very well by the way. We had to answer questions about our thriller opening, like what inspired us, why we choose to do this kind of thriller. All in all I would say our pitch went very well, as we received some very good feedback from Bernard and the students in our class.
Here is some of the feedback we was told;- 
  •  To make it fast paste and thrilling 
  •  Big  and Interesting close ups
  • Snap shots
  • To have good props to make it look realistic
  • Good actors to convince the audience
  • To use good camera shots
  • To make it exciting and interesting
  • Show Don't Tell 
I thought by letting the class have the choice to feedback, was a good idea as it gave us a chance to see what we had done wrong and what we needed to improve on before we could begin filming. To me i really enjoyed hearing the feedback as it gave me the chance to think and decide that maybe we shouldnt use some of the things we had decided to use. As in actually fact we only have to make the opening of a thriller movie which has to last two minutes and whilst we was planning our film I dont think we took this into considerartion as we was trying to show to much in the opeing sequence. And now after hearing what the class had to say about our opening I think we are going to change some of the things and just make sure we work on the acting and the use of props so we can make it as suspensful and interesting as possible.

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