Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Editing and filming mini movie 'Bag Swap'

When we were taught about how to use cameras, this helped us when we filmed our mini movie 'Bag Swap' as that was the scenario we got. We had to come up with a story using a story board by drawing out our scenes.

We had fun doing this and I got to be in the film with my other friend which I think made it more exciting.
 We had to plan out everything to make sure we did it correctly and that nothing went wrong and that we didn't  forget any scenes or something important, plus it saved us a lot of time as we didn't have to run around on the spot trying to film something that didn't even make any sense.

We planned out where we were going to film, what props were necessary and what shots would be needed and more effective such as: low angle shots, high angle, close ups, over the shoulder shots and two shot. Here are some of the shots we used. Not all of them but you can see more by watching the movie which was also posted :)
This is a low shot of my friends feet in the bathroom
As she followed me we decided an over the shoulder shot would be most effective 
A mysterious text message was best seen in a close up shot
Seeing both the people in a two shot was a great effective way

As we finished filming the film, we had to put everything together using the programme Final cut pro. We made sure the film made sense so that everyone understood what was happening. We used jump-cuts on most of them as that was the best way for our film to work and be presented.

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