Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Title Sequence Analysis

In lesson we watched the title sequence of stepfather and I learned just how much work going into making the titles and how everything that is shown and how the font looks has a reason to it. The title fist piece of writing we see in the opening is the production company of the film. We do not get any titles when we see the first bit of crucial objects so we can focus on this instead of the titles. We see the title ' The stepfather ' as soon as we see a man this helps to indicate that this man is our main guy. The titles then go on for about 5 minutes which shows just how much work goes into this film.

 After this we got into groups and has to analyse a title sequence , we got the film 'Arlington Road' the opening sequence was roughly about 2 minutes and contained many titles. By watching this we knew it was a type of thriller and we see a man covered in blood in a hospital. We became confused to what is happening and the editing was fading in and out of images. Also the music went with the editing it was face past and scary.

The title sequence for arlington road was 

  • 0.01- Polygram filmed entertainment presents
  • 0.08 Association with lakeshore entertainment 
  • 0.11 A Gorai production
  • 0.15 & Mark pellington film 
  • 0.20 Main characters 
  • 0.30 The title Arlington road
  • 0.55 casting by Ellen Chenoweth 
  • 0.59 co producers Jean Higgins 
  • 1.03 Music by Angelo Badalalmenti
  • 1.07 additional music by Tom and Andy
  • 1.12 costume design by Jennifer Barret
  • 1.16 production design Theresse Deprez
  • 1.18 edited by Conrad Buff Ace
  • 1.25 direction and photography Bobby 
  • 1.48 Directed by Mark Pellington 

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