Tuesday, 25 January 2011

My Analysis Of The Opening Of 'Seven'

We watched a lot of different types of thriller opening sequence, but the one that really caught my eye was “SEVEN”
The reason why Seven really caught my attention, because to me it was unique, haven’t seen any other like it.. Literally the whole of the opening sequence were either close ups or extreme close ups! Having everything so close.. Practically up in your face.. Was strange.. It gave a different prospective of life.. Thought it was unusual but a very clever way of starting the film, and engaging the audience! The disadvantage of having everything so close is that you don’t know what’s happening around you, which makes you uneasy and quite anxious.. i think that the thrilling part of the film!
Se7en contact sheet

I also thought the soundtrack really went well with how it started ff. The sound was upbeat and harsh!
Some of the close ups were pretty disturbing, even though it wasn’t pleasant to look at, somehow i still wanted to watch it.. Something about the film didn’t make me turn around! That’s what i most loved about it :D
The titles used in this film, look as if they are written by hand, that’s what makes the film so real.. And brings it to life.. I like the way when the titles appear.. They appear on a black background.. Most of you would think that its pretty dull and boring.. And yeah usually I would agree.. But the black background actually works with this opening sequence and it fits right in!

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