Thursday, 27 January 2011


During the lesson this week we also learnt about fonts. I will admit i never really paid much attention to font on films until today, i realised just how important fonts really are i mean you have to think what font should you use for the title sequence and also how to market the film. Also i have realised just how hard it is to choose a font, i mean film directors and companies spend a lot of time deciding which font to use for the title sequence and to market the film. A popular font used over and over again these days is Papyrus. Papyrus is a popular typeface designed by Chris Costello created in 1982.
When i think of Papyrus these are some of the things i associate with the font:
  • Egyptian
  • Hieroglyphics
  • Trees
  • Natural
  • Tree Bark
  • Lo-tech
  • Ancient
  • Pirate writing
  • Treasure map writing
  • Tribal
  • Old
  • Chipped
  • Tatty 
 To help us get a better understanding of how film companies use fonts, we was shown an example of a film which has used the font Papyrus. The film that has used Papyrus for their title sequence is 'Avatar. James Cameron used the papyrus font as he thought it was a good idea, as it seemed mysterious and he added his own touch to it by adding a glow effect to the letters. I think it was a good idea to add his own touch to the font as the glow effect, makes the font seem alien like and attractive. But even though many people thought using papyrus for the title sequence was a good idea, Cameron faced harsh crictism from a number of film directors and companies. They all said out of all the fonts in the world he had decided to go for papyrus, they thought it was a bad decision as they believed he should have made his own font instead of copying a font.

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