Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Sub - Genres

Thrillers all have similar characteristics, which make them the way they are. They all use the elements of suspense, tension and excitement.
Well clearly, they need to have those elements in order to be defined as a thriller, as well as if they want people to be interested in their movie!
Thriller is an overall genre but it’s divided into many Genres called Sub-genres.
Here are the main Sub-Genres:
• Mystery thriller
• Crime thriller
• Psychological thriller
• Action-Adventure thriller
• Disaster thriller
• Spy thriller
• Horror thriller
• Political thriller
• Paranormal/supernatural thriller
• Romance/murderous passions
• Innocent on the run
I’m Only Going To Explain A Few..
There’s really no point in me explaining each and every single one, I’m sure you get the message! ;)
Mystery Thriller: most of them are investigations, and they use the ‘Who did it’ technique.
Crime Thriller: The main common methods are ransoms, captivities, heists, revenge and kidnapping.
Psychological Thriller: The common technique used is mind games! They have elements of stalking, death-traps and obsession.
Action Thriller: It will generally have a fast-paced, centered, and a definite plot.
Disaster Thriller: The main conflict is due to some sort of natural or man-made disaster, E.g. earthquake, hurricane and tornado.
Spy Thriller: The main thing they deal with is secret agents.
Later In class, we did a worksheet on three types of sub-genres political/conspiracy thrillers, supernatural thriller and crime thrillers.
In groups we had to think about what characters, these thrillers would have, and what setting would suit it most.


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